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A - What are you going to do on Saturday? B - I don't know! ______________________!

A - Don't you think there are _______ buses in the city? B - Yes! And there's ___________ air pollution, too!

A - Have you ever _________ a lion? B - Yes. I've __________ to Africa many times.

A - How long __________ they in England? B - They ___________ there for a year?

A - Where _____________ you working this year? B - I ______________ working in Porto Príncipe.

What does he do?

A - What happend? B - I _________ a basketball game on TV when the power ___________ out!

If I won a million pounds in a lottery, _____________________!

A - What kind of people do you prefer? B - I prefer people _________ are cool and open-minded.

A - What's the most dangerous problem nowadays? B - The fact that the ozone layer _________ through the use of CFCs.

A - Do you know where __________? B - You could have it fixed at the Bike Shop.

A - Global warming is an awful problem, _______? B - Yes! The winter is getting colder and summer is getting hotter!

A - I feel _____ when I listen to jazz. B - Me too! It's really ____________!

He ________ for a very long time and he still hasn't _____ the composition!

Qual é o Discurso Indireto (Reported Speech) de: " I will get you nice cat!"

"The road is very wet!" That means....

Na seguinte oração, qual a opção está ERRADA? "The trip from Porto Alegre to Rio is a twenty-four-hours journey if the speed is steady."

We are in favor of ______ this factory in our city.

Don't worry! _______ enjoys our new product line will buy it soon.

Today, Paul wishes he ________ architecture. He finds ir really difficult!

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